Focus on the Facts – LASIK Can Correct Astigmatism

Many people hear the word “astigmatism” and think it’s a disease of the eye. Astigmatism is a very common vision problem – and it’s simply a refractive error, just like nearsightedness and farsightedness.

Astigmatism is irregular or asymmetrical shape of the cornea that causes distortion of the image, typically resulting in a double-vision. A common analogy to describe this irregular shape is that astigmatic corneas are shaped more like a football, versus a basketball.

The latest, most advanced lasers used for LASIK can be used to reshape the cornea so that it is more symmetrical, correcting the astigmatism and eliminating the vision problems associated with it.

At Heaton Eye Associates we perform All-Laser LASIK, which can actually correct irregular astigmatism and other imperfections that cannot be corrected with glasses or contacts. The result? The potential for vision that is even better than your glasses and contacts, day and night.

When you have your FREE All-Laser LASIK consultation at Heaton Eye Associates, we’ll let you know if you’ve got astigmatism and will discuss the outstanding visual results our LASIK patients achieve, along with answer all of your questions and determine if you’re a suitable candidate for LASIK.