Is LASIK Safer Than Contact Lenses?

It’s official. People are happier with LASIK than with contacts! According to a landmark study by the Cornea Research Foundation of America, “People who chose LASIK after contact lenses are MORE SATISFIED with their vision.”

The study showed that compared with contact lenses, current LASIK technology reduced difficulties with night driving and nighttime visual disturbances among former contact lens and glasses lens wearers. “LASIK results in fewer vision problems with night driving both with former contact lens wearers and former glasses wearers,” said Francis Price Jr., M.D., one of the leaders in this study. “Overall LASIK improves night driving vision relative to both contacts and glasses, and that was very significant,” Dr. Price said.

The incidence of dry eye symptoms was not significantly increased relative to former contact lens wear. Also, compared with continued contact lens wear, LASIK significantly reduced the self-reported cases of eye infections, ulcers and abrasions each year.

According to the study, patients believed that LASIK works better than wearing contact lenses. In fact, overall 96% of the participants thought LASIK was better for them than contacts.

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